Opportunity for Youth

Starbucks is committed to creating pathways to opportunities and employment in communities around the world.

More than 290 million young people around the world are neither in school nor employed – one of the fastest growing populations. These young men and women represent a huge, untapped opportunity for an infusion of productivity and creativity in their community and in the workforce. At the same time, there are also challenges for employers to find qualified candidates. The problem is not unique to Starbucks, nor can it be solved by us alone. That is why we are focusing on a comprehensive approach and collaborating with organizations on proven, innovative solutions to help young people get the skills and training they need to succeed in a rapidly-changing global economy.

In the Middle East and North Africa region, Starbucks has partnered with local and international organizations to develop programs that nurture and inspire youth to engage, lead and create innovative solutions for the challenges affecting their communities. We continue to look for ways we can help bridge the gap between young people and opportunities.

  1. BADIR – In Jordan
    Badir spotlight banner

    5 Years of Youth-Led Impact in Jordan Through Fostering Social Entrepreneurship Among Youth.

  2. Cloud Campus - UAE

    Through partnerships we help create pathways to opportunity for young people in the UAE by providing them with access to new learning resources at our stores.

  3. Opportunity Café
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    A regional initiative and partnership to help bridge youth and employability experts at Starbucks every month of April.

  4. Green Leadership Academy (GLA) – Lebanon
    Green Leadership Academy Spotlight Banner

    Develops talented youth who are capable of creating and managing sustainable environmental projects.