Starbucks Abdoun Store

The setting for this High Profile Reserve store is a standalone Flagship located in Amman – Jordan.

Starbucks Abdoun Store


The store combines a Drive Thru and Sit in Starbucks location on two levels under one roof.

The style of the store has been developed based on the strong Community established within Jordan and stages a Badhir wall of fellows that link with the strong Community involvement already established in this region.

The palette for the interior allows a warm ambience of finishes, rich colours and textures allowing a strong connection with coffee heritage in the artwork within the store bringing the opportunity to promote this as the first Reserve store in Jordan. The option to sit and sample Reserve handpicked coffee blends with views of Amman surrounding you allow for a relaxing atmosphere both from the interior space and external terrace environments at various levels of the building.

The bespoke island style Reserve bar arrangement, coffee story, pastry display, and developed food offer has been taken to a new level in the displays and enclosed customised case work. The selection of floor treatments, wall finishes, decorative lighting, and artwork send strong messages of the exclusive selection of Reserve coffees available for sampling and create the link with localization of this store.

The furniture arrangements and unique styles have taken the customer’s needs and comfort levels into consideration completing the seating selection to accommodate single customers to larger groups, young and old that can take the opportunity to relax on various floors and annexes of this vast  building.

The localised design elements have been carried through into the external terrace seating spaces, designed to allow comfortable seating arrangements and the option for an inside or outside experience that has versatility during the more severe months of the year.

Branding is kept subtle yet very elegant both at the Reserve bar and entrance to the store. The external details and introduction of planting and bespoke coffee heritage architectural details to the building itself give a striking appeal to the exclusive experience that customers will take away from their Starbucks Reserve High Profile experience in Jordan.