Franklin Roosevelt Villa

Franklin Roosevelt Boulevard, Casablanca, Morocco

The Franklin Roosevelt Villa Starbucks premier store on Casablanca’s Franklin Roosevelt Boulevard is a new experience in Morocco, offering visitors the perfect opportunity to enjoy an amazing array of coffees, a rare and exquisite interior design, and a beautiful setting.

The modern and comfortable store design offers a break from the daily routine, a place where people can meet their relatives and friends in a premium environment. Casablanca’s newest Starbucks also symbolises the joy of life, which sometimes is slow and savoured, and sometimes fast and energetic.

Notable Store Elements

  •  Introducing special corners that offer the ultimate coffee experience: The Espresso Corner, The Cappuccino Corner, and The Latte Corner.
  •  Movable bench and central bench seating offers real comfort and ease.
  •  A lounge area allows guests to truly enjoy the experience while a host table encourages them to interact together.
  •  The raw recycled wood materials give the modern design a warm ambience, while the table service offers the ultimate Starbucks experience.