Dubai Mall 1 , Dubai, UAE

Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, Near Burj Khalifa

Launched at the renowned The Dubai Mall, the new store’s remarkable location overlooks the mall’s fountain, one of Dubai’s most recognised landmarks, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy a Starbucks treat while taking in this unique experience.

Drawing inspiration from this famous landmark, all aspects of the store, including architectural treatment, colour scheme and overall dynamic appearance, incorporate the magnificence of the fountain. Visitors can enjoy high quality coffee, delicious food including pastries baked in house, all in an inviting and relaxing environment. 

Notable Store Elements


  • A patio that directly overlooks the stunning fountains and a lush indoor veranda.
  • The store interior features an open design concept with high ceilings, decorative lighting, and a selection of furniture that gives patrons the choice of cafe or banquet style seating.
  • Arabic artefacts, embroidered coffee art, and local coffee pots.
  • Comfort is a key component and the furniture and fixtures add to the ambience of the family friendly setting.