Reforesting Lebanon

Resurrecting Forests in Lebanon Following Severe Wildfire Damage

Between 2004-2006 alone, millions of perennial trees were lost to wildfire in Lebanon. This tragic loss of one of the nation’s most cherished ecological heritages had an immense impact on the local community, resulting in a nationwide outcry calling for better protection of this natural treasure.

To ease the impact of this disaster, Starbucks in MENA formed a four-year coalition with the Association for Forests Development and Conservation (AFDC), which organized volunteering efforts to reforest some of the affected areas.

Hundreds of Starbucks partners (employees) and customers joined hands with the AFDC and were able to re-plant 140,000square meters of land in areas including Maknouniyeh, Ashash, Qernayel, and Ramliyeh.

 The below graph summarizes the main outcomes of the partnership with the AFDC:

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