We help develop young social entrepreneurs by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to scale up their social change projects.


In 2011, Starbucks and the International Youth Foundation (IYF) joined forces to establish BADIR, a youth entrepreneurship initiative designed to equip young Jordanian leaders with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to strengthen and scale up their existing social change projects. Originally launched as a three-year program, in 2014, Starbucks and IYF decided to extend the program for an additional two years, building upon the success and sustainability of their commitment and allowing BADIR to benefit more individuals and communities across Jordan.

BADIR – Arabic for ‘take the initiative’ – aims to create a national network of youth leaders and innovators. To be selected for BADIR, entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 30 must demonstrate that they have already successfully implemented their own social change projects. Through these projects, BADIR’s young leaders are addressing an endless array of local, regional and global challenges, including youth unemployment, sustainable agriculture, women’s empowerment, education, environmental conservation and much, much more.

To date, BADIR has recruited a total of 65 young social entrepreneurs, providing them with the support, mentorship and funding necessary to build upon their existing social innovation initiatives. Through the program, BADIR’s youth fellows have helped impact and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Kingdom.

Starbucks and the International Youth Foundation

Since the establishment of a global partnership between the Starbucks Foundation and the International Youth Foundation (IYF) in 2008, the two partners have supported countless youth initiatives around the world. As a result, the BADIR initiative benefits from being part of a global network of youth leadership programs established through IYF’s YouthActionNet initiative, which supports the development of young social entrepreneurs and leaders. This international network includes programs in Anglophone and Francophone Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rice, Chile, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Spain and Turkey.

BADIR Phase One

In the first phase of BADIR, the program recruited 45 youth fellows across two cohorts. Through BADIR’s social innovation fund, participants received monetary grants of up to USD5,000 after completing the initial training phase of the program.

Along with training and financial support, BADIR fellows also benefit from the ongoing mentorship and support of the Friends of BADIR, a network of public, private and civil society organizations actively engaged in the program.

BADIR Phase Two

In the second phase of BADIR, the initiative recruited 20 new youth fellows to the program, providing them with training, support, and up to USD6,000 in monetary grants.

Furthermore, to build upon the sustainability of the program, fellows from Phase One were invited to apply for additional funding of up to USD10,000, allowing them to develop their social change projects even further. In yet another round of funding selection, BADIR’s new Phase Two fellows also had the opportunity to apply for additional funding of up to USD10,000.

During Phase Two, BADIR has recruited even more organizations to join the Friends of BADIR. These mentors, as well as representatives from Starbucks and IYF, continue to be actively engaged in the fellows’ projects, conducting site visits and providing ongoing support.


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