We Proudly Serve – Coffee in your Travel Operation

Exceed your guests’ expectations while they are on the road with the same brand that they enjoy at home. Whether you are looking for coffee by the cup, self-service or volume solutions for your customers on the go, Starbucks Branded Solutions has the right programme for you.


With We Proudly Serve you can create a premium experience that surprises and delights guests by offering Starbucks coffee - the coffee they know and love - in your travel or transport business. Starbucks can provide you with a variety of premium coffee solutions that meet your needs. From onsite cafeterias, through to single-cup or kiosk solutions, Starbucks Branded Solutions will always deliver a great cup of coffee that will be enjoyed by all.

Travel Coffee Programmes:

  • Coffee brewing and state-of-the-art espresso machines and milk steaming equipment
  • Mobile solutions for service on-the-go as well as in-lounge, self-service solutions
  • Solutions for all types of transportation environments, from airlines to service stations and from rail stations, to formats catering to customers on-the-go
  • A full range of cups, condiments and other products, all bearing the Starbucks “We Proudly Serve” branding
  • Starbucks Branded Solutions marketing material, including signage
  • Ongoing, onsite support and training
  • A dedicated Customer Service and Operations team with supply and maintenance systems

Branded Solutions is a Starbucks coffee service tailored for each business partner to provide our partners’ customers with a premium coffee experience. We work with you on establishing an ongoing, consultative relationship based on proven success, industry expertise and an overall commitment to quality. Our commitment begins with the selection of the finest coffee beans and doesn’t end until the customer savours the world’s finest cup of coffee. 

Our dedicated Starbucks team, across the MENA region, offers support to ensure the finest quality coffee is served to our customers.

To enquire about a potential Branded Solutions opportunity or if you would like to discuss a partnership, please contact us on  +971 (04) 454 9377 (800 782728257 in the UAE), or e-mail us at starbucksfs.mena@alshaya.com