Creamy. Bold. Sweet.

Indulge your senses with our delicious, multi-layered Macchiato. Caramel is a favourite, where bold espresso meets creamy milk, marked with a signature cross hatch of sweet caramel drizzle. Or enjoy our new Macchiato flavours, with espresso poured over smooth milk, finished with rich maple or date drizzle. Enjoy our new flavours hot and cold on delightful spring days.

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A Global Cup – 3 Region Blend

A Global Cup – 3 Region Blend

Three delicious beans, one harmonious blend combining the finest beans from the world’s primary coffee-growing regions – Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia/Pacific. As you sip, take your taste buds on a journey with notes of lemon and currant, balanced by a lush bouquet of flowers and herbs. 

Starbucks Helps Youth Around the World and in MENA Prepare for Jobs

Starbucks MENA partners (employees) joined 40,000 Starbucks partners around the world in organizing community service projects to help youth prepare for jobs last April