As good neighbours we get involved with local efforts to bring people together and create positive change whenever we can.

From the neighborhoods where our stores are located, to the ones where our coffee is grown – we believe in being involved in the communities we’re a part of.

Bringing people together, inspiring change and making a difference in people's lives – it's all part of being a good neighbour. And it's a commitment rooted in the belief that we can use our size to bring about positive change.

Join Your Neighbours and Volunteer for the Global Month of Service!

Thursday, March 26, 2015 - Posted by Zaid Al Bitar, Regional CSR Manager, Starbucks MENA

Each year, during the month of April, Starbucks partners (employees) and customers from around the globe contribute their time to help make a difference in their communities. We call it our Global Month of Service, a 30-day community service event that aims to make a positive impact on local communities and people's lives.

This year, Starbucks partners, customers and suppliers across 10 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries will be joining the Global Month of Service. Community projects have been identified in conjunction with local Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organizations in each market, such as local youth initiatives, community programmes, environment conservation and people with disabilities.

Starbucks MENA is committed to supporting the neighbourhoods and communities in which it operates by supporting the work of NGOs and empowering store managers to drive their own community service initiatives. The Global Month of Service will bring together city-wide and country-wide Starbucks teams to contribute community service hours.

This year, for the first time, Starbucks in MENA will be inviting its suppliers to be part of the Global Month of Service. This means nearly 1,000 partners (employees), customers, and suppliers will join local NGOs to conclude 12 activities and deliver nearly 8,000 community service hours across 10 MENA markets.

Why not join us? You can find out more about Starbucks Global Month of Service by visiting your local Starbucks store, and signing up for the activity taking place in your city.  

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Starbucks Supports Local Talent

Tuesday, January 27th 2015 - Posted by Tala Al Hammouri, Social Media Manager

Thousands of customers across the Middle East and North Africa come to Starbucks stores every day to meet friends and colleagues, chat, relax, work and, of course, enjoy their favourite beverage. Some even seek inspiration, in fact, there is a growing number of artists across the region who have found that Starbucks inspires their creative works. Perhaps it's our passion about coffee or our commitment to coffee lovers, or perhaps its visual appeal of our stores and branding, or, quite possibly, it's the smell of freshly ground Starbucks coffee.

People often share their Starbucks-inspired art with us via social media and we try to show our appreciation, when we can, by sharing their art with others. So, here are a few introductions:

A banker by profession, Kuwaiti artist Ahmed Al Emairi likes to challenge himself by trying to find innovative ways to create art using different media/materials. He started drawing on Starbucks paper cups and cup-holders, but soon found many ways to incorporate Starbucks into his art. You can check out some of Ahmed’s creations via his Instagram account @emairi.

Nada Alkhalaf has a passion for art and architecture. Wishing to combine the two with her teaching job, she co-founded the Archi Kid Academy in Kuwait to help teach children life skills and art techniques through architecture. One day, Nada found herself with a few minutes to spare and couldn’t resist drawing a design on a cardboard Starbucks cup sleeve. Her first drawing was a bicycle and since then she’s been doodling away on Starbucks cups and, more recently, using her drawings to create stopmotion videos. Nada share’s her art via @dewdrop79 on Instagram.

Dallal alFouzan (@fouzanya on Instagram) likes to look at things differently, combining familiar images in unfamiliar ways. She’s a big fan of Starbucks and has dreams of creating her own special flavour of Frappuccino. Dallal’s work often features the Starbucks brand in unusual settings.

Last summer, we decided to try to collaborate with some of our favourite artists and enlisted their help in introducing one of our most loved beverages: Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino®. Artists were enthusiastic about our bright summer campaign colours and holiday themes and soon posted their own interpretations online, which we were delighted to share with Starbucks fans across the region via our own Instagram account, @StarbucksMiddleEast.

Following the success of our collaboration with artists on Starbucks’ summer campaign, we invited artists to meet bloggers at sneak preview event for our global favourite Pumpkin Spice Latte in Kuwait. Given the popularity of Instagram, the event featured ‘The Printagram’, provided by filmaker and entrepreneur Abdulrahman Al­Khalifi, allowing guests to print their Instagram images onsite within minutes. We were also proud to have the local trio The Hashtags (@HashtagsKW on Instagram), entertain us. To capture the evening event in pictures, we enlisted the talents of Kuwait-based photographer Nawaf (@nawaf13). By the end of the event, attendees had shared updates and images with more than a million online connections.

If you’d like to share your Starbucks-inspired art with us, we’d love to see it. Simply tag your Instagram image with @starbucksmiddleeast or use our main hashtag #StarbucksME.

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Lending a Hand Where it’s Needed for the Second Year in a Row.

Sunday, May 11th 2014 - Posted by Rana Shaheen, Regional Communication and CSR Manager – Starbucks Middle East and North Africa.

It's often the simple human connections, such as time spent with friends, meeting new people or an act of kindness from someone that you may not even know that make all the difference to our lives.

For the second year in a row, Starbucks partners (employees) volunteered their time to help make a difference in their local communities during a 30-day community service program that we call the Global Month of Service. We’re proud to announce that last month 1132 partners and customers in the Middle East and North Africa region volunteered 6,988 community service hours to youth and community programmes across 10 countries.

Examples of the activities undertaken in different markets include:

Kuwait – with the aim to enhance people with disabilities’ sense of inclusion in society, our partners have renovated workshop rooms at the Vocational Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled for the second consecutive year.

KSA – our partners in Riyadh refurbished the library at King Saud International Schools. In Jeddah and Al Khobar they were joined by customers to clean up the Cornich areas.

Lebanon – our partnership with LEED Green Associates has brought sustainable rooftop-greening to Sagesse School in Beirut, where pupils planted organic vegetables as a source for food as well as a technique for better heat insulation.

Jordan – with the participation of our customers and fellows of BADIR (a Jordanian youth entrepreneurship initiative launched by Starbucks and the International Youth Foundation) our partners have installed a playground at Hitteen School for Boys to serve all children living in Abu Nsair area; keeping them away from harm’s way.

Morocco – our partners, joined with customers volunteered to set up a library at Ouled Azzouz School in partnership with Al Jisr Organization. The library now serves 700 pupils.

Oman – our partners and customers volunteered at Al Wafa Social Center for a transformational project where they constructed an entire playground full playing instruments where the 75 children served by the center can play safely at.

Qatar – partners, joined with 225 pupils from Qatar Academy (Member of Qatar Foundation) planted flower bushes all around the Academy garden.

Egypt – our partners and customers helped with refurbishing Maadi Youth Center facilities; providing a safe haven for self-expression, sports activities and vocational training for over 100 young people in the area.

Bahrain - partners volunteered at Bahrain's RIA Institute for children with special needs, bringing smiles to the children’s faces through fun activities.

UAE - volunteers continued the partnership with Dubai Centre for Special Needs for the second year in a row where they have refurbished the entire exteriors of the center and engaged in fun activities with the children.

In addition to the Global Month of Service activities, Starbucks stores across MENA have been running their own local community service programmes throughout the region for the past five years. These programmes are run by store managers, encouraging our partners to make a difference in their communities. Volunteering offers our partners the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and make a direct personal contribution to the community.

Starbucks’ Global Month of Service - and other community service activities - clearly demonstrate Starbucks’ commitment to the communities it serves. 

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