Coffee FAQs

Coffee Preparation FAQs

  • What is a FlavorLock™ bag?

    Our unique FlavorLock™ technology uses a special one-way valve that allows the carbon dioxide released by freshly roasted coffee beans to escape a sealed coffee bag without allowing flavour-robbing oxygen to get in. All Starbucks coffee sold in 250g bags is sealed in our airtight FlavorLock™ bags within two hours of roasting so that it stays fresh until you’re ready to use it.

  • What’s the best way to store coffee? How long will it stay fresh?

    Once roasted, coffee begins to lose its flavour the longer it is exposed to air and moisture. We recommend buying your coffee weekly, storing it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place and grinding it just before brewing. Coffee in an unopened FlavorLock™ bag will stay fresh for several months.

  • What is universal grind?

    Starbucks coffee in grocery stores is available in whole bean or ground with a universal grind. Starbucks developed universal grind to deliver optimal flavour and maximize convenience. It’s perfect for all electric drip coffee makers and also works well in coffee presses. Universal grind is the same grind used to brew the drip coffee in Starbucks retail stores.

  • What kind of grind should I use?

    For the freshest tasting coffee, we continue to recommend starting with whole beans and grinding them fresh for each pot.

    Drip makers perform best with either universal grind or with a grind specifically for a flat bottom or cone type filter. Espresso machines are grind-sensitive and require a very fine grind, 30-35 seconds in a blade grinder. All Starbucks stores can grind our whole bean coffees to these specifications. Just simply ask your barista to grind it the why you like it when buying whole bean in store.

  • How can I sell Starbucks whole bean coffee at my grocery store?

    For information about offering Starbucks whole bean coffee in your grocery store, please contact us on +971 (04) 454 9377, or e-mail us at for general Business Alliance enquiries.