Starbucks Reserve® Coffee

Exotic, Rare and Exquisite

We spend a lot of time searching for the finest coffees from countries of origin – ones with distinct flavors that enchant, amaze and captivate. But of the thousands we encounter, only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become Starbucks Reserve™ coffees. These intriguing offerings are only available for limited times at select stores.

Starbucks Reserve™ arrives at The Dubai Mall!

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - Posted by Tomas Pinto – Director of Operations, Starbucks Coffee MENA

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If you have been waiting to discover what’s going on behind the Starbucks sign, on the level 1 of the Grand Atrium, The Dubai Mall... the wait is over! The first ever in Dubai is now open! 

With over 75 million shoppers visiting each year from across the globe, The Dubai Mall is one of the world's most prestigious luxury shopping destinations. Our new store adds pride to the mall’s Grand Atrium, offering visitors an elegant and stylish setting in which to enjoy some of the world’s finest coffees.

The Starbucks Reserve™ store is designed with a palette of finishes and colour tones that perfectly compliment the mall's interiors. The open lounge-style coffee shop offers various seating arrangements, to suit the customers’ varying tastes and moods. The magnificent coffee bar is designed to emphasise the fact that it is ‘all about the coffee’. The treated timber artwork on the Reserve Bar and Starbucks coffee storytelling, shown within small artwork frames, reflects opulence and class. The floor treatments, wall finishes and diffused lighting create an ambience of exclusivity.

And exclusive it is! The new store at The Dubai Mall is one of only three stores in the Middle East and North Africa to be able to serve the Starbucks Reserve™ range. 

Starbucks Reserve™ coffees are the cumulative result of years of searching for the world's best, most distinctive coffee beans. Our coffee experts choose only a few exceptional coffees, from thousands of different coffee harvests around the world. The chosen beans are then processed and roasted for Starbucks Reserve™.

Starbucks Reserve™ stores are equipped with the technologically-advanced Clover® brewing system and specially trained baristas, to enrich your coffee experience. Every cup is filled with all the rich flavours and aromas, which come with a Starbucks Reserve™ coffee.  

Regular Starbucks beverages and food offerings are also available at the new Dubai Mall store. Look for the new Starbucks Reserve™ store above the main entrance to The Dubai Mall on Level 1 of the Grand Atrium.

 See you soon!

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Coffee Inspiration!

Sunday, December 2, 2012
Posted by Rana Shaheen – Regional Communications & CSR Manager, Starbucks MENA

For forty years now, Starbucks has searched the world over for the finest coffee beans, developed processes to protect precious coffee flavours and aromas, employed the best master roasters and trained the most skilled baristas: all to produce the most perfect cup of coffee it's possible to make. Those coffee beans we find truly exceptional for their taste and aroma are branded Starbucks Reserve™ coffees.

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Only a limited number of stores worldwide are permitted to serve Starbucks Reserve coffees and so it was with great pride that we opened our first Starbucks Reserve coffee store in the region at Grand Avenue  – The Avenues in Kuwait. Now the single largest Starbucks store in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, it provides 5,000 square feet of coffee inspiration.

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Walk into the new store and you'll find that the rich, lacquered wood interior and soft seating make the place feel like an exclusive club. Breathe in and you'll immediately sense the fresh smells from our onsite bakery mingling with the aromas of freshly ground coffee beans. We've also worked hard to make the store design unique. Our team in Kuwait worked closely with store design teams in Amsterdam and Seattle to help develop a Starbucks store concept that reflects Arabia's coffee heritage, commissioning artists to help tell the story. We hope you'll find the space sophisticated and stylish, as well as warm and welcoming.

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However, Starbucks Reserve is not just about plush leather sofas and Art Nouveau: it is a haven for the coffee connoisseur. This is the first store in the Middle East and North Africa where you'll find the Clover® brewing system. Again, only available in a select number of stores worldwide, the Clover brewing system uses innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology, controls brewing time and temperature digitally and filters brewed coffee via a 70-micron filter.

Choose a Clover-brewed Oahu or Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from our Starbucks Reserve range and the Starbucks Reserve specially trained baristas will use those exceptional beans to create an exceptional cup of coffee right in front of  you. Come and be inspired!

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Timeless Sidamo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Posted by Mtemi M. - Starbucks agronomist

“Our grandfathers left us a timeless treasure,” Lankamo Lana tells me as we walk through the impenetrable lush garden farms of the Homacho Waeno Cooperative in Sidamo. “The ability to understand how to keep coffee ageless through garden farms,” he says.

Most coffee farms can be traversed with ease through the relatively wide spaces between growing coffee trees, but here, the spaces between are filled with growing food. I can barely keep up with him as I carefully avoid destroying the delicate crops. I stare at him, pretending I understood what he just said, as he disappears into the next garden.

I was determined to seek out what he meant, and how that would eventually be interpreted in a cup of coffee from this land. Looking out over the fields, appropriately known as “coffee gardens” is enough to give you a sense of what makes them timeless. At the bottom of each coffee stem you’re sure to find a heap of organic compost blending itself with the rich red dirt. Every leaf seems to glimmer, forcing you to squint to focus your sight on the clusters of burgundy ripe coffee cherries.

To maintain the purity of a masterpiece, even the finest of artists has to understand the value of process. The coffee journey after harvesting is long, involving a number of transit points along many different processes. The journey is often fragmented and can put the coffee’s integrity at risk every time it changes hands. Reducing that risk has been a challenge for coffee buyers.

To preserve the timeless quality of Starbucks Reserve™ Organic Ethiopia Sidamo, we’ve made that journey traceable. By holding all players in the long and fragmented supply chain accountable, we can safeguard against risks to quality, economic transparency, social responsibility and environmental stewardship associated with this bean that can arise after a coffee leaves its place of origin and before it reaches your cup. (Watch a video of this coffee's journey below.)

When our team began evaluating the coffee, it did not disappoint. During the cupping, one taster was reminded of the aroma of warm and spicy gingerbread that immediately fills the room when it comes out of the oven. Our artisan roasters have done a magnificent job articulating the harmony of this garden coffee at just the right roast. Organic Ethiopia Sidamo sings with a tune you are sure to hear as you savor each cup.

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