Starbucks Foundation

Starbucks Foundation

Created to further our commitment to community, the Starbucks Foundation supports programs that contribute to our communities in meaningful ways.

We started in 1997 by funding literacy programs in the United States and Canada. Today we’re supporting communities around the globe in all kinds of ways:

Developing Young Leaders

The Starbucks Foundation believes in developing young people to become extraordinary leaders, by investing in the leadership skills required for the changing global economy.

Community Service

The Starbucks Foundation also supports our partners' (employees) engagement in their local community through Partner Match and Community Service Grants. These programs provide matching grants to nonprofit organisations where our partners made personal monetary and time contributions. By working together, we can help create positive change and make communities thrive.

Supporting Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Communities

Starbucks supports social development projects that help the communities that produce our coffee, tea and cocoa. Projects include improving access to education and agricultural training, microfinance and microcredit services, improving biodiversity conservation, and increasing levels of health, nutrition and water sanitation.

Access to Get Clean Water

Ethos(R)™ Water started as a social venture startup with the goal of providing people in developing countries with access to clean water. For every bottle of Ethos(R)™ Water sold in the United States, 5 cents is directed to the Ethos(R) ™ Water Fund to help finance sustainable water programmes around the world. Thanks to our valued customers, we have raised more than US $6 million to date.

Fostering Education in China

In 2005, as part of its ongoing commitment to social responsibility and in recognition of China's rich tradition of placing an importance on education, Starbucks Coffee Company established the Starbucks China Education Project, a US $5 million (approximately RMB 40 million) commitment to support educational programmes in China at Give2Asia.

Rebuilding the Gulf Coast

Starbucks and the Starbucks Foundation created the C.O.A.S.T. Fund to assist in the recovery and revitalisation of the US Gulf Coast communities devastated by hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

The Starbucks Foundation receives funding from Starbucks Corporation and at this time, the Foundation is not seeking any opportunities for national or local sponsorships, nor are we accepting product or in-kind requests at this time. We remain focused on helping communities through the Starbucks Foundation programmes listed above and the efforts of Starbucks stores in their local communities.

Investment during 2012

The Starbucks Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) charitable organisation that receives funding from Starbucks Corporation and private donations. The Foundation invested $13.8 million in 2012, making over 400 grants to nonprofit organisations. Grants included $2.3 million for Starbucks Youth Leadership grants and $2 million in origin social development grants to Mercy Corps, Save the Children, Ethos Water Fund, PCI (Project Concern International) and PATH.

In 2012 Starbucks Corporation donated $6.5 million in cash, including $1.75 million to the Starbucks Foundation. Corporate giving included funding for community-building programs – including the Global Fund through our partnership with (RED) ™ and other efforts – and $40 million in in-kind contributions.