Community Service

Community Service

We’re inspiring partners (employees) and customers alike to get involved in their communities through innovative volunteer programs.

Every Starbucks store is part of a community, and we’re committed to strengthening neighbourhoods wherever we do business.

It’s a commitment rooted deep in our heritage and the belief that together – rather than alone – we can use our scale to be a catalyst for positive change.

Throughout the year, our partners (employees) and customers dedicate their time and energy to create positive change in their local neighbourhoods. Since the launch of Starbucks Middle East and North Africa's Community Connection programme five years ago, Starbucks partners and customers have volunteered more than 10,000 hours to hundreds of community projects across the region.

During our Global Month of Service, Starbucks' commitment to helping communities thrive is exemplified as partners and customers participate in service projects around the world.

Community Connection

Hundreds of Starbucks partners have volunteered community service hours over the past five years. During 2012 alone, more than 700 Starbucks partners across the region volunteered for community service projects in their cities and neighbourhoods.

Community Connection activities over the years have included a wide variety of community projects such as renovating school libraries, summer internship programmes for special needs interns, renovating public parks and school gardens, beach and neighbourhood cleanups, relief efforts, recycling initiatives, plus a wide range of projects in partnership with local government departments and NGOs. We also bring special focus to our community activities during the holy month of Ramadan, helping to drive activities to care for those in need.

Each year, during the month of Ramadan, Starbucks partners identify and organise community service projects to reach out and provide help to some of those who need it most. 170 Starbucks partners took part in Community Connection activities during Ramadan 1434.(2013).

Global Month of Service: What we accomplished in April 2013

In April 2013, Starbucks partners across the world took part in Starbucks Global Month of Service, helping Starbucks to use its scale for good during the month. The Middle East and North Africa region joined the Global Month of Service for the first time in 2013, with 624 partners (employees) from the region contributing 5,360 volunteering hours across 10 countries.

Here are some of the community projects that Starbucks partners in the MENA region contributed to during 2013's Global Month of Service:

Bahrain - 16 Starbucks partners dedicated a total of 64 hours to the RIA Institute for children with special needs, organising children's activities and installing a swimming pool in the garden.

Egypt - 22 Starbucks partners and customers contributed 176 hours of volunteer work to support Abu El-Reesh Children Hospital by donating needed materials, planting a garden and painting fences.

Jordan - 40 Starbucks partners, customers, fellows from Jordan's BADIR youth leadership programme and school students partnered with Al Mala’eb to contribute 165 hours to set up a football field, a basketball court and volleyball court at Princess Basma School, in addition to planting trees and painting a number of classrooms.

Kuwait - 144 Starbucks partners and customers volunteered a total of 1,440 hours to help renovate the Handicapped Rehabilitation Centre, painting the walls, gardening, renovating workshops and upgrading machines.

Morocco - 20 Starbucks partners and customers contributed 140 hours of volunteer work in partnership with Al Jiser to set up a new library for children at the Ibn Tachefine School.

Qatar - 6 Starbucks partners dedicated 50 hours to support the Wiz Kids Nursery in Doha where they painted the old walls of the school and decorated the classroom.

Saudi Arabia - 45 Starbucks partners in Riyadh spent a total of 104 volunteering hours planting flowers, renovating fences and painting walls in one of Riyadh's public parks through a partnership with Riyadh Municipality.

Saudi Arabia - 55 Starbucks partners contributed 550 volunteering hours at the Tahlia Government School in Jeddah, washing playgrounds, fixing signs, painting walls, and installing kitchen equipment.

Lebanon - 200 Starbucks partners and Green Leadership Academy (GLA) volunteers dedicated 1,600 volunteering hours through Starbucks' partnership with Lebanon's Association for Forest Development and Conservation (AFDC) to reforest 40,000 square metres of land in Ashash, Ramlieh, Btater in Aley, with oaks, carobs and cedar trees.

Sultanate of Oman - 18 Starbucks partners dedicated 270 volunteering hours in partnership with the Al Faleh School for Girls  renovating parking areas and installing slides in the school playground.

United Arab Emirates - 65 Starbucks partners contributed 770 hours to painting walls, planting flowers and vegetables and renovating rooms at the Dubai Centre for Special Needs.

Contact Us

If you'd like to join us in organising and supporting community service projects in your city or neighbourbood please connect with a barista at your local Starbucks. With your support, we can keep making a positive impact—one person, one neighbourhood at a time.